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Wet Mops
Dust Mops
Mop Handles

Wet Mops  

Barracuda Blend Mop
A blend of cotton and rayon for superior absorbency with no
break-in period. The long staple fibers used in this blend mean
less linting, while the blend itself gives longer life to the mop.
Available in 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz true weight 4 ply.
Available in cut end, and fantail loop with 5" Head Band styles. Loop mop style available as a special order item.

Sea Horse Good Cotton Yarn Mop*
A good quality cotton yarn that delivers good performance at a good price. Designed for those many applications where performance and price are both a concern. Available in 16oz, 20oz, 24oz true weight 4 ply.
Available in cut end style and Loop mop style.

*Cotton mops have to be pre-soaked in cold water to get the oils out of the fibers.

ETC Torpedo™ Wet Mop
The time saving Torpedo™ wet mop requires no break-in period before using it to mop. The Torpedo™ wet mop will absorb the liquids immediately. Minimal shrinkage when laundered, less expensive than pre-laundered and 5 colors to allow specific usage.
Available in small, medium, large and extra large in loop and cut-end mops
ETC Hospital Blend Wet Mops
The Hospital Blend wet mop is a looped end, tailbanded mop with a 5" synthetic mesh headband. It is available in White and Permanently Dyed Colors. The 4 ply scientific blend of natural & synthetic yarn we call "Hospital Blend" is designed to give high absorbency and long life to a launderable mop. This mop is constructed to meet strict hospital standards but is cost effective for any organization.
Available in small, medium, large and x-large sizes.
ETC Great White Lint Free Finish Mop
ETC of Henderson Inc. has developed Great White
® to solve the problems that are encountered when applying floor finish. The yarns ability to hold the finish with surface tension allows Great White®  to release the finish more evenly and more completely as it is pulled across the floor. This even release of finish give you over 150% more square footage per trip to the bucket. Combined with this a much more smoother, more glossy initial finish. You can get up to 20% more initial gloss and no lint from the mop!
Available in Medium Large and Large.
Rubbermaid Finish System
Help ensure controlled absorption and release of finish. Delivers 200-300 square feet of coverage with a single mop load of finish. Tightly twisted, rayon/synthetic blend loop-end mop absorbs a releases finish smoothly and evenly. Resealable Finish System Bucket keeps finish fresh until next job, saving time and operating costs. Smooth, non-porous bucket cleans easily, reducing time spent on stripping traditional mop bucket/wringer combinations.
Dust Mops  

ETC Launderable Cotton Dust Mops
A great value in an economical dust mop constructed of
cotton yarn on pre-shrunk cotton duck backing with snap

ETC Launderable Synthetic Yarn
This launderable dust mop is constructed from nylon yarn
and has a blue cotton duck backing with snap fasteners.
Available in 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 48", 60" and 72"

Texas Feathers Microfiber Dust Mop
Patent pending adapter design allows you to use our microfiber dust mop on your existing dust mop frame.
More efficient and cost effective than regular mops.
No mop treatment required.
Guaranteed for at least 200 washings.
Available in 18", 24", 36", 48" and 60" pads and adapters


Hardwood Handle/Metal Clamp and Wire Frames
Spring clamp on a swivel head with nylon lock for the swivel.
Overall length is 58" with a 1" diameter handle.

Wire Frames
5" wide wire frames are available for above dust mops.
Disposable Dust Heads
Four-ply cotton/synthetic blend pretreated yarns. Open
synthetic backing with ties. Sewn center fringe for added
coverage. Handles and frames sold separately.
Available in 24 x 5, 36 x 5, and 48 x 5
Wedge Mop System
For spot dust mopping in tight corners, under equipment or
behind furniture. Available  in cut end cotton yarn or Trapper
Looped-End Wedge dust mop. Wood handle with heavy-gauge
plated wire frame fits either style head.
Mop Handles  
Quick Change Mop Handle
The jaw type mop head simplifies mop loading and unloading by eliminating the need to thread mop through holder. Unloading can be carried out without touching dirty mop. Plastic yoke adjusts automatically to headband size - no manual adjustment required.
It accepts both narrow and wide headband mops. The handle is 1" in diameter Fiberglass over a honeycomb core. 
The head is  7 - 1/4" wide by 5 - 1/4" high Gray Polypropylene.
Available in 54" and 60" lengths.
Geerpres DynaMate® Mop Handle
Corrosion-proof, ultra-lightweight Fiberglass handles with a permanently attached stainless steel spring yoke that holds mops tight. Changing mops is a snap. Self-locking threaded collar
makes handle replacement easy, too.
Available in 54" and 60" lengths.
Geerpres Featherweight™ Mop Handle
Vinyl-covered aluminum handles feature an exclusive quick-change, one-piece yoke that holds mops from 8 to 36 oz. without wing nuts, chains, clamps, or screws.
Available in 54" and 60" lengths
Economy Wood Handle
Loosening the wing nut of this handle provides enough "play" to allow the front loading bar to swing away from its locked position, freeing the dirty mop.
Available in 54" and 60" lengths
Ergo Mop Handle
Foam grip for a more comfortable grasp (all types) "Quick Flip" rotating insert allows you to quickly flip the mop head over utilizing both sides of the mop. (2655) Swivel handle freely rotates in either direction. Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome. Ergonomic bend promotes proper maneuverability. Places user in the proper upright position. Extendible shaft easily adjusts from 56" - 68" to fit different body heights. Less bending and stretching, labor saving. Shaft width is comfortable and easy to grip. Aircraft aluminum will not grow bacteria, will not rust, and will not conduct static. Engineered to be lightweight and extremely durable.
Excellent for foodservice.
U.S. Patent.