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The Cleaning Power of Hydrogen Peroxide
any way you want it.

The first and only Hydrogen Peroxide modified, Citrus
modified, multi-purpose, reduced Toxicity, Sanitizer/Virucide, cleaner/Degreaser.

H2Orange2 is an environmentally preferred product

Note: Antimicrobial products as H2Orange2, 117 require registration with the US EPA prior to distribution or sale. Recent clarification of EPA regulations expressly prohibits by federal law the use of Green Seal or similar endorsements or statements on such products.

The EPA does not allow this classification of products to make statement regarding the safety of the product on its label or in advertising, nor the absence of an ingredient.


One Products for all your cleaning needs!
bulletReduced toxicity
bulletKills bacteria and viruses
bulletCleans and restores tile and grout
bulletCarpet spots disappear in seconds
bulletSuperior carpet extraction and bonnet cleaning
bulletDestroys odors while you clean
bulletEliminates grease and minimizes slip on any floor.
bulletStreak-free glass cleaning
bulletClean without damaging surfaces
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117 Concentrate
H2Orange2 Dispensing Equipment
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Ready to Use Products

Cleaning with H2Orange2

117 Fact Sheet

117 Concentrate
H2Orange2 is a patented Combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, Citrus Oil & Readily Biodegradable Surfactants. The Synergy of these ingredients gives H2Orange2 the ability to significantly reduce the toxicity of a cleaning system & minimize detergent residue, without sacrificing cleaning power! H2Orange2 reduces toxicity by eliminating chemicals commonly used in janitorial cleaners such as Acids, Alcohol, Amines, Ammonia, Caustics, Chlorine Bleach, Glycol Ethers, Phosphates, Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Dyes or Fragrances. The combined power of hydrogen peroxide & citrus oil gives H2Orange2 the strength to clean up to 95% of your facility with one product at only 2 dilutions!

117 Concentrate is the most versatile H2Orange2 Product.
It's HIMS codes are all Zeros in concentrate form and it can be used in any environment through almost any dilution method, including manual dilution!

It is the only EPA Registered Hydrogen Peroxide Product out in the market today.

For use in: Spray Buddy PDS, Blend Buddy I & II, Bucket Buddy and Manual Dilution.
Packed 4 -1 gallons per case.


116 General Purpose Concentrate
Green Seal GS-37 certified. Is a powerful hydrogen peroxide-based general purpose cleaner that can be used on any soft or hard, water-safe surface.  One product, two dilutions cleans 95% of your facility and leaves all surfaces clean and residue-free. (1 oz. per gallon for light duty cleaning and 10 oz. per gallon for heavy duty cleaning.
Packed 4 - 1 gallon per case


Customer Use Per Month

Based on Average Experience

General Janitorial Cleaning
Gallons per full time employee per month
Product 116, 117 - 1 Gallon

Fast Food
Gallons per store per month
Product 116, 117
- 6 to 10 Gallons

Convenience store
Gallons per store per month

Product 116, 117
- 2 to 10 Gallons

Gallons per 100 students per month (Product 116,117)
High Schools: 2 Gallons
Middle Schools: 1.6 Gallons
Elementary Schools: 2.4 Gallons

Carpet Complete
Carpet Complete combines the amazing cleaning and deodorizing characteristics
of H2Orange2 with the re-soil fighting capabilities of a crystallizing polymer. The result is a process that leaves your carpet cleaner than you have ever seen it, then fights re-soiling by encapsulating residual cleaning agents and soils in a hard brittle polymer. The encapsulated soils and polymer are removed with the next vacuuming of the carpet. Can be used with extraction (2 oz. per gallon), bonnet cleaning, reduced water cleaning and for Spotting (10 oz. per gallon).
Packed 4-1 gallon per case.


Mineral Shock Concentrate.
Mineral Shock™ is a powerful, reduced toxicity alternative to acid-based mineral cleaner. Works better than phosphoric acid!  Cleans rust, hard water, scale, lime, soap scum, mold, and mildew stains and beer-milk-urine salts.  Use at full strength for tough stains and diluted with water for use on lighter soils.  Mineral Shock™ is a unique, reduced toxicity combination of organic salt and safe degreasing agents.  It is biodegradable, non-corrosive to skin, non-fuming, and will not pit, streak or blacken stainless or aluminum. Mineral Shock is non-regulated for shipping, handling and storage.

Shock cleaning of Mineral soils: 42 oz. per gallon.
Heavy-duty cleaning of mineral soils: 20 oz. per gallon.
Light-duty cleaning of mineral soils: 5 oz. per gallon.

Packed 4 - 1 gallons per case.
Available in RTU Quarts (12 per case)


Greasinator Non Butyl Degreaser Concentrate
The Greasinator Industrial Degreaser does more than outperform conventional degreasers. It's safe for the environment, safe for you and safe for your budget.
Greasinator is made with renewable resource ingredients, solvent free, No VOC's odor free, neutral pH, readily biodegradable and Green Seal compliant.

The Greasinator safely removes the toughest petroleum-based soil and stains from any surface that can be cleaned with water. It's ideal for removing grease and grime from floors, surfaces and machinery in automotive, industrial, printing and manufacturing environments.

Ideal for use in pressure washers and autoscrubbers. Can be used to remove grease spots on carpet.

Light Duty 1 oz. - 4 oz. per gallon
Medium Duty 4 oz. - 8 oz. per gallon
Heavy Duty 8 oz. - 12 oz. per gallon.

Packed 4- 1 gallons per case.
Special order 5 and 55 gallon drums.
Available in RTU Quarts (12 per case)

Grout Safe, Dilutable Concentrate.
A dilutable concentrate, Grout-Safe is enhanced H2Orange2 technology designed specifically for use on Tile & Grout cleaning and renovation. Grout-Safe contains higher levels of Hydrogen Peroxide, Citrus Oil and an additional ingredient, Propylene Glycol (a safe food additive and degreaser),
to boost its cleaning power on the particular types of grime encountered in grout renovation.

bulletDilute at 12oz/gal for standard renovation
bulletDilute at 24oz/gal for shock treatment of the worst areas.
bulletPut Grout-Safe in a foam gun at 6oz/gal for weekly shower cleaning.
bulletPeople, Color and Surface safe. Use on any water-safe surface.



H2Orange2 Dispensing Equipment


Blend Buddy Wall-mounted, lockable, air gap or I-gap dispensers.
Blend Buddy II ™ is a truly unique, wall–mounted dispenser, developed by EnvirOx specifically for use with H2Orange2 Concentrate 117. All working components are contained in one molded body. There are no pipes, hoses or connections to leak.  H2Orange2 comes in a proprietary, one-gallon bottle with a sealed membrane. When the bottle docks into the dispenser it is locked into place with a key release. Discharge hoses have built in docking ports for hands-free filling and storage.  When docked, both hoses drain into a integral drip ring, equipped with a discharge hose.  All working components can be serviced in minutes, without removing the unit from the wall and without tools.

Blend Buddy Units can be configured to dispense out Grout Safe and Mineral Shock Concentrate and can be customized to your specifications.
Call us about our free dispenser program!

Bucket Buddy
A simple answer to facilitate manual dilution of H2Orange2 concentrate 117, squeeze the proper amount into the measuring cup, and then pour into the mop bucket or any container. There is a silk screened use guide covering all levels of cleaning for spray bottles, mop buckets and per gallon measurements.

Bucket Buddy holds 32oz. of concentrate - enough for 10 mop buckets. And it has a sturdy handle so you can hang it on the mop bucket and take it everywhere you need to go.

Combine Bucket Buddy and Spray Buddy, and forget the hassle of wall-mounted dispensers.

Pump Sprayer
Pump sprayers are the easiest way to apply H2Orange2 to surfaces, especially large areas. They are especially handy for reaching around restroom stalls, urinals, and sinks. Proprietary pump sprayers are available in 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon sizes with instructions for dilution ratios and product usage silk-screened on the containers.
Want to use your own pump sprayer? We have "Peel and Stick" labels available that will easily affix to your sprayer for fast usage reference



Support Equipment



Safety labeled, use labeled, color coded spray bottles
are available as well as portion aid measuring bottles,
1 gallon and 1/2 gallon pressure sprayers, graduated mop bucket
measuring bottle, multi-lingual instruction wall charts and M.S.D.S. packets are all available with initial setup.

Start up kit available for Testing.
Kit includes: 1 Gallon of 117, Green and Red Spray Bottles with Triggers, 1 Quart of Greasinator, 1 Bucket Buddy, Wall Charts, Maid Caddy, Grout Brush, Iron Handle Brush and MSDS sheets.


Scrub Buddy™ Portable Scrubber/Dispenser

Scrub Buddy™ combines a powerful, convenient scrubbing action with a one-touch, on-board dispensing system designed for applying environmentally preferred cleaning products by EnvirOx, LLC. Use it on both floors and walls, as it weighs just 4.5 pounds. A changeable scrub head simultaneously cleans floor and baseboard. It maneuvers easily into the tightest areas with a scrub head size of 7.5 inches. Battery-powered for complete portability. Water proof and shock proof. Perfect for baseboards, restrooms, stairs, and high traffic areas. Scrub Buddy is maneuverable - 70° pivoting, lockable scrub head makes cleaning nearly effortless. Holds 20 ounces of use solution. Can be used with various EnvirOx cleaning products: H2Orange2, The Greasinator, Carpet Complete and Grout Safe.

Heavy-duty Brush: For heavy soils and renovation cleaning. Available with a splash-guard to reduce spray during use.
Floor Pads: Light-duty and Heavy-duty cleaning pads available for use on VRT floors.
Baseboard Scrub Head: To clean baseboards


Ready to Use Products
For those customers who do not wish to dilute their own cleaners we have made available to them ready to use products except for GROUT SAFE  to clean glass,
sanitize washrooms, heavy duty cleaning, carpet spotting all with the same safety factors as the concentrates. Plus an added feature that the concentrates do not have is poly glycol to give them the added kick in handling your toughest cleaning problems.

All are available in quarts, gallons, and 55 gallon drums.

Glass-Safe, Glass and surface cleaner/deodorizer.
Glass-Safe is a non-streaking cleaner for all surfaces that also destroys odors as it cleans. There is no alcohol or ammonia and contains 0.01% consumer V.O.C.'s

Quick Spot Carpet Spotter
Quick-Spot eliminates protein-based stains and odors in
place - in seconds! Just soak the spot, agitate, and it's GONE! And, it won't come back, because Quick-Spot Crystal works for hours after it's applied to oxidize residual soil.
Most carpet spotters leave a soap residue that attracts new soil to the spot. Quick-Spot Crystal contains a brittle polymer that encapsulates any residue or remaining soil, and prevents re-soiling. In short, re-soiling from chemical residue is eliminated!
bulletMakes Spots disappear in seconds
bulletCleans coffee, wine, beer, soft drinks, juice, food strains, blood, etc.
bulletDestroys odors while you clean!
bulletLow residue formula won't cause re-soiling!
bulletPeople, Color and Surface safe. Use on any water-safe surface.


One, Cleaner, Degreaser, Deodorizer, Sanitizer,
Virucide and Fungicide.

"One" does everything but glass! One is a slightly boosted Ready-To-Use version on the Heavy Duty #3 dilution of the standard H2Orange2 Concentrates. One is an EPA Registered Sanitizer/Virucide/HIV/Fungicide. Great for someone who can't use a dilution center, doesn't want to measure a concentrate by hand or buy a Spray Buddy PDS. One and Glass-safe together are a great, inexpensive way
to try out the power of the H2Orange2 technology!
Available in Quarts and Gallons.


Ultimate, Heavy Duty Cleaner-Degreaser.
A very powerful Ready-To-Use degreaser, ULTIMATE is a combination of our original Hydrogen Peroxide technology and Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is a food additive and does not change the safety of the product, but significantly
boosts the degreasing capability of the Hydrogen Peroxide based technology. ULTIMATE also has almost 7 times more Hydrogen Peroxide and 10 times more surfactants and citrus oil than the Heavy Duty #3 dilution of the standard H2Orange2 concentrates.

bulletPowerful petroleum degreaser - Motor Oils, Tar & Industrial Soils.
bulletPerforms like a strong Butyl cleaner without any of the danger.
bulletVersatile - Always test first, but can be use on any water safe surface!
bulletUse ULTIMATE to clean heavy soap scum and build up in showers & bathrooms.
bulletUse to remove pen ink, toner, motor oil, tar, etc. from any type of carpet.
bulletUse on every problem that standard H2Orange2 doesn't solve.
bulletPeople, Color and Surface safe. Use on any water-safe surface!
How to Clean using  H2Orange2
bullet Bathroom Cleaning
bullet Carpet Cleaning
bullet General Cleaning

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Cleaning with H2Orange2